To conclude on having a website or a network of websites This article discusses the pros and cons of running a network of sites for your business? It is relevant to have multiple websites for businesses that run very different activities from each other. It is generally rather rare. In the overwhelming majority of cases, however, the following Morocco Email List should caution you against a multi-site strategy: It requires a great deal of effort and perseverance to animate a single popular site … So several sites multiply the necessary efforts, whether in time to spend or money to invest, Google can penalize you if it becomes aware of “cheating”, by downgrading all of your websites, Offering several sites also involves a risk of losing your traffic !

At #audreytips, we always advocate our clients to focus on their website (and one site) . Obviously, it’s another story if you have unlimited means for your Digital Marketing actions so that each imagined site is unique and very efficient … But, this is not the case with our customers If, despite all of our recommendations, you want to build a private blogging network, another technique that can be likened to black hat is to buy expired domain names . On the same topic : SEO Trends: How To Reach The First Page Of Google?


The Goal Of This Technique Is To Be Read And Understood By Everyone.


Security issues This section highlights security issues, such as: Pirated content, Malware, And social engineering attacks (i.e. phishing). Here are the 3 topics covered on security Pirated content This is any content placed on your site without your permission due to security breaches on your site. In order to protect our users, Google does its best to keep pirated content out of our search results. Malicious and unwanted software It is software designed to harm a device or its users, engage in deceptive or unexpected practices, or adversely affect the user.


Malware can be installed either by a hacker or by the site owner. Social engineering This is content that tricks visitors into doing something dangerous, such as revealing confidential information or downloading software. My advice : to secure your WordPress site , you need to regularly back up your database, update it daily and install security plugins like wordfence or iThemes Security. 4. The secure HTTPS protocol The secure HTTPS protocol HTTPS is the protocol for secure browsing of websites . It is important to Google that you demonstrate that your website is taking action to protect users.


Don’t Make Your Reader Feel Guilty

Data sent using the HTTPS protocol is secured using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which offers 3 key levels of protection: Encryption Encryption techniques consist of encoding the data exchanged to protect them from illicit interceptions. So when an Internet user is browsing a website, no one can “listen in” to their conversations, track their activities on various pages, or steal their information. Data integrity Information cannot be modified or corrupted during its transfer, whether deliberately or otherwise, without being detected.

Authentication Authentication proves that people are communicating with the right website. It protects against MITM (“man in the middle”) attacks and creates a climate of trust for the Internet user which translates into other benefits for your activity. 5. The advertising experience The Ad Experience report is designed to identify ad experiences that fail to meet the standards for better ads. These standards exclude advertising experiences that industry professionals consider particularly annoying for Internet users. My advice : avoid too intrusive interstitials.

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