This also goes if you want to create content that will draw Facebook users to your page relentlessly. Persistent content is second to none – you can reuse it over and over again, saving you time and resources. From the Statistics tab, you can Colombia Phone Numbers List detailed data about the post views and previews of your page. Use this feature to find out which types of content (memes, how-to guides, lists or even recipes) have the longest lifespan.

Try reshaping your posts with new titles, captions, or new visuals to repurpose content that users are already enjoying. Publish your persistent content at other times of the day to reach more users. 6. Use the boost for specific purposes The posts boost is a paid option that aims to get views. Since boosting a post involves payment, it’s best to reserve this tactic for specific purposes. For example, to promote an event, a product, sales or even a download.


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Boosting a post can allow you to showcase your content to the minimum number of users during the promotion period. You can adjust the campaign depending on whether your goal is to get more engagement or drive traffic to your site and decide on its duration. The Boost Post option is at the bottom of each post. This is a useful function for engaging with specific audiences. You can choose targeted demographics or people who like your pages and their friends.

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The cost of the boost increases as your audience size increases, hence the value of promoting the post organically to maximize your investment first. Much like the organic reach of businesses, open groups are subject to great dilution. Facebook marketing is all about engaging highly engaged people to take part in loyal communities in which we support each other. We therefore understand the interest of turning to groups whose theme, activity calendar and publication rules are well defined.


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These groups are more likely to generate higher quality traffic and opportunities to share your expertise. 8. Establish a strategy to influence outreach Count on influencers and your loyal customers to activate social proof. Top influencers have very large fan communities. The risk is that it is difficult to target your efforts. Instead, focus on identifying people with an active and growing audience who would benefit from cross-advertising. Your customers may include people who run businesses with audiences that match yours.

If, luckily, you have social media experts on your staff, offer bonuses to employees who promote your business. You can offer simple rewards such as an extra day off or meal vouchers to motivate them. Let me be clear: knowing how to get more views on Facebook takes a lot of your time. Word of mouth and social marketing are emerging as the most effective growth strategies. Developing a strong brand on social media will help you adapt to changes in the market and stay in touch with the needs of your customers.

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