we can think about our own experiences as customers and consumers to better understand the world of customer service. The act of consumption is an experience that has changed a lot from time to time and. For better or worse. It is a human need. In order for this need to be satisfied and the experience to be more pleasant. It is necessary to always think about the best way to meet these demands . And that’s what i’m going to talk about in this post! The magic of good service! Today. More than ever. We live in a context in which we are constantly bombarded by consumer experiences.

There Is Still A Lot To

And this is something so natural that sometimes we Estonia Phone Numbers don’t even stop to reflect on it. However. It is certain that. In some cases. The quality of these experiences can bring us a unique sensation that we still do not know how to explain precisely: the sensation of experiencing something magical. Magic is a vast. Fantastic and subjective concept. Few things are so extraordinary when we feel absolutely enchanted and amazed by something that is magical in our understanding. Is not it? Ah.

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But then you can simply say: “there is no magic in real life” . Well. As i said earlier. Magic can be a subjective concept. And because it is subjective. It has no obligation to be the same for everyone. The point i want to make here is precisely motivated by this somewhat skeptical statement. How to create magic in real life? Perhaps this is the million dollar (unasked) question for all players in the world’s major industries today. This is because both in health and services. Or in the entertainment industry itself.

Discover And Learn

It is necessary to always reinvent yourself to remain at the top. So it is necessary to do magic to be relevant . And to do magic you have to believe in the impossible and find it fun to do it daily. Which brings me to the main reason why i write this text: to share what i’ve experienced and what i’ve learned working in a company that believes that doing the impossible is fun. But then… how to delight your customers? Think about which companies you. As a consumer or employee. Have already been enchanted by a service provided.

Either by the company’s mentality/mission or by the product offered. It’s not such an easy question to answer. But i’m sure that most people we know retain. With a certain affection. A strong admiration for a product or a company. This is because the way companies position themselves in society and. Above all. How they behave with their customers and employees matters a lot. When we talk about this customer-company relationship. It is important to highlight that. In general. Companies tend to respect and care about their customers.

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