Best color combinations for the construction industry In the construction industry, you want your clients to think you are reliable, knowledgeable, and a little rough at times. The construction sector has traditionally been a predominantly male sector. As Hungary Phone Number List result, feminine colors like pink are unlikely to evoke feelings that are relevant to your business. However, brown and gray are the perfect bases for creating your color combinations.

Since gray is an easy mid-color, it’s often used to create a strong association with other bolder colors. The nicest color scheme for your logo could be gray, which is serious and represents classic sophistication, as well as blue, which shows you are competent and trustworthy. Image of pebbles and an earth color palette. In the retail industry, logo color palettes tell customers that they will perform at their best when they purchase relevant brand products. Different demographics will require different color combinations to speak their best. But everyone wants to feel like a product out of sync with the person they want to be.


Why Is Positioning So Important?


Take, for example, The Home Depot. They chose a bold combination of white and orange, which represents energy, fun and a touch of playfulness. They let their customers know that their stores praise the best DIY tools. In contrast, a brand like Forever 21 has chosen a combination of yellow and black to suggest to its customers that it offers young and trendy items (yellow), with nevertheless a touch of sophistication (black). In order to understand what the best color scheme is for your retail business, think about what your customers think your customers are missing.

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For example, if you think your customers want to feel important, you might want to create a combination of purple and dark blue for your logo. But if they want to be cheerful and pleasant, the best color combinations for you are pink, yellow, and green. Choose the most beautiful color combinations for your logo Finally, the last secret to determining the best color combination for your business: recognize that there are no hard and fast rules. You know your customer and your business mission best. You can use any color scheme you want (as long as it looks good).


The Right Content, At The Right Time, At The Right Target

For help creating the best logo that expresses exactly what you want, check out our logo design services . We advise you on the best options available based on your preferences and needs. It is therefore advisable to check for updates from time to time. For a quick reference, here are links to many common logo size requirements on popular social media. Facebook for Personal Pages Facebook for Business Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Youtube Facebook logo size requirements Facebook has different logo size requirements for Personal Pages compared to Business Pages.

Depending on your account type, keep these logo size requirements and other best practices in mind. For personal pages, profile photos display at: Computers – 170 x 170 pixels Smartphones – 128 x 128 pixels Most Feature Phones – 36 x 36 pixels For personal pages, cover photos display at: Computers – 820 x 312 pixels Smartphones – 640 x 360 pixels Note : These images should be at least 400 x 150 pixels for best results For business pages, keep these photo sizes in mind: Profile pictures – 320 x 320 pixels Cover images – 720 x 312 pixels Images for applications – 111 x 74 pixels Images for news feeds

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