The usefulness of Facebook for the business lies in loyalty, customer relations, marketing and communication. For this new kind of target, Facebook now offers new features and offers a different page layout. Happy group of finger smileys with social network icon A PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGE For professionals, Facebook Andorra Email List creating a “Facebook page” at the bottom of the profile page. All you have to do is click on the link and follow the essential steps to present your company via your wall and your “info” tab. This page will allow you to post news and information about your business, start discussions, post photos or videos, and most importantly, it can be posted on your wall and that of your friends.

All Facebook members will then have the option of “liking” your posts or becoming a “fan” of your page. CREATE A GROUP This process helps you promote your company within a community. Depending on your expectations, the group can be private, affordable by invitation or open to the public. The more your publications invite debate, discussion and sharing, the more you will strengthen the responsiveness of the community you have built around your business. ADVANTAGES The Facebook page and / or group become essential e-marketing tools for your business. They will serve as a means of launching a new product, proposing a competition, announcing open days , etc.… or simply interacting with your customers.


A Professional Facebook Page

Hundreds of possibilities that will be posted on your wall, shared between friends and theirs who will do the same. All the interest is based on targeted advertising at a low price. The usefulness of Facebook for the company also consists in developing contacts between potential customers, partners and collaborators and thus widening the professional network. Since this is a targeted network, your polls and surveys will be answered by relevant people. This social network is an excellent way to modernize and boost the image of a company. Finally, we know that social networks have more and more influence on website SEO. A real lever that should not be overlooked in the years to come!


Telephone manufacturers, Samsung, Sony and Nokia, have started to equip their models with applications allowing the use of this technology. Microsoft has integrated a Wallet feature in its latest Windows Phone 8. Apple is still a little hesitant. On the IOS and Android market, Delhaize, the leading retailer in Belgium, is the first to have natively developed an m-commerce application to meet the needs of its customers and ensure their success. Driven by his ambition, he experimented with scanning CR codes in stations across the country. This experimentation has paid off, as the IOS application has evolved into a universal application.


This Process Helps You Promote Your Company

The start-up Applidget followed in its footsteps by publishing the MobiCheckin application for iPads and iPhones dedicated to event organizers. Today, many applications for reading QR codes are available for all operating systems. To know their compatibility with the system of your smartphone, you just have to visualize the logo and distinguish your OS. Thus, each variation is perceived as a product in its own right, which is not the case in Prestashop. An intervention in the code of the import module was necessary to integrate the variations and the related specificities (price, photos etc.);

In the event that the processing of certain data blocks, it is possible to call on the article editor in the Atoo-Sync software, however, this implies manual intervention; Sage only allows one photo per article, the other photos must be added manually in Prestashop; Price management and access to certain products may differ (if BtoB and BtoC activity), these parameters are not provided as a base, intervention was necessary once again. Situation In this part we will show how the synchronization of Sage and Prestashop works via Atoo-Sync globally. PREREQUISITES : Some prerequisites are necessary.

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