Innovative techniques which are widely adaptable to small traders. web to store The Kézako Web to store? The Web to store is a phenomenon that consists of getting information online before buying in a store. Contrary to popular belief, the development of online shopping is not changing consumer habits much. In fact, they still do Albania Email List of their purchase “offline”. However, consumers increasingly consult the internet before purchasing a product or service. In points of sale, the web to store makes it possible to achieve 3 main objectives: Improved turnover with the creation of in-store traffic and obtaining a good conversion rate;

Absence of specific constraints related to sales areas or marketing; Enhancement of the brand’s image. WHAT ABOUT TODAY ? With the digitization of points of sale or Web to store, brands and retailers are now focusing on unifying the customer journey. As Fnac’s Multichannel Roadmap Manager, Hélène Halec confirms that omnichannel is the spearhead of customer proximity, because a multichannel customer has a turnover 1.3 times that of a single-channel customer . And although 71.7% of these multi-channel customers still rely on the in-store experience, the advent of smartphones is a game-changer with the ability to compare prices and product information available on the brand’s.


Ecommerce: Not Always Negative For Physical Commerce

For example, Fnac has set up various systems such as the m-commerce application, the mobile site or the m-loyalty application for the customer as well as the click & mag for the seller (seller and customer at the same information level). To succeed in the web to store, Fnac and Novedia are banking on securing performance and training the salesperson. Ecommerce: Not always negative for physical commerce With the evolution of purchasing habits, we see that the Internet is often harmful for physical businesses. However, some know how to do well, especially when it comes to services.


The major problem for small traders is the lack of visibility beyond their neighborhood or their city. Internet makes it possible to develop the visibility of a business by offering a virtual showcase of services or know-how. Today, Internet users want to know everything about the service they are going to buy. For this, many sites provide them with information: price comparison, opinion sites, videos, etc. By being present on these different sites, the small local merchant considerably increases his reputation. If it offers a service or product popular with Internet users, with a good quality / price ratio, the customer is largely ready to come. 3 essential web to store techniques Having a website is good, but having a website that brings in customers is much better.


3 Essential Web To Store Techniques

The web to store makes it possible to set up actions that will push the consumer into this purchasing phenomenon. The Store Locator or Dealer Locator Store-locator Increasingly used, this tool makes it possible to locate the store closest to the buyer’s situation. By typing the name of your business into search engines, you will get an interactive map pushing consumers to come and buy directly in store. Big brands are already doing it and small businesses are getting started. Geolocated search has become essential these days! The Click & Collect click-collect-Lacoste Reserve, prepay and pick up your product directly in store.

This is the concept of Click & Collect. Fast, simple and efficient for the consumer. Couponing couponing1 Coupons and coupons are increasingly used on the internet. You only have to look at the number of searches associated with “brand names + coupon reduction” to see that couponing is evolving. Providing coupons that can be used at a point of sale is a good solution to bring customers into your physical store. You now know what the web to store is, how and why it is used by major brands. With the techniques in this article, you have no excuse not to start now!

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