Next level online Switzerland Phone Number entrepreneurship’ (affiliate) Slierendrecht discusses what entrepreneurs need to grow digitally. He describes digital growth as a game. The game consists of three interconnected worlds. 1. The mindset world New on Frankwatching Overcome the crisis: 3 proven marketing techniques Switzerland Phone Number for companies 08:00 Involve your colleagues in your content strategy in 5 steps di Happiness at work is falling & other consequences of the pandemic di Metaverse: sounds cool, but what can you actually di This is how you create a Facebook Reel on your Business Page step by stepma We live in a world where changes follow each other faster and faster.

Also Call The Zeigarnik Effect

That requires a different way of thinking: a different mindset. We need a growth mindset that encourages us to continuously develop ourselves Switzerland Phone Number and our company. 2. The method world In this world, the VINC model is discussed. The model provides guidance to shape your digital marketing strategy in a structured way. This way you keep an overview, you discover what you have in-house in terms of specialisms and what you want to keep or have to outsource.

Switzerland Phone Number

The Zeigarnik Effect

The habitual world How do you ensure that you maintain that growth mindset and new marketing routines? It’s important to learn how to grab the momentum and build in rhythm. Why a marketing model? When I was typing this article, I thought about why I wanted to highlight just one model from the book. While the book is sufficient with all kinds of practical tips. As I mentioned earlier, this is because models provide guidance and an overview.

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