Scientific voice. How to directly manage multiple twitter accounts decided that you want to have multiple twitter accounts? The next step is to learn how to manage and analyze the different accounts. Choose your social media management software this is a very important first step. While twitter’s native app and tweetdeck both offer easy ways to switch between accounts. You will eventually need a management software that can easily publish content and sync across accounts. Composing to multiple accounts in sprout sprout social’s software is built to grow right alongside your brand. With different permissions and teams available. You can easily schedule one tweet across multiple accounts within one window. In addition. A shared asset library ensures that you’re consistently on brand.

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Tagging in sprout have a separate social customer service Business Development Directors Email Lists No problem. Any messages that come into the inbox can easily be tagged and reassigned to the right team. No need to log out of one account to respond as another. Customer service management should be this seamless so your team can focus on the care portion. Create an internal approval process with large and divided teams. You run into issues of making sure tweets are on brand and timed correctly. How do you resolve this? Create an easy approval and assignment process. Approval process in sprout a unified calendar and draft review process in sprout is as easy as a click of a button. With the publishing calendar. You’ll be able to easily see what’s scheduled among all of your accounts. If approvals are needed for some tweets.

Business Development Directors Email Lists

Gets In Front Of Their Target Audience

Then select it when you’re composing it. Tasks in sprout inbox when a tweet comes in that asks about your product. Which account and which team member should answer it? For some teams. Someone is directly responsible for sifting through incoming messages and assigning them to team members. Then these team members are able to focus on crafting messages to customers instead of wading through noise. Set individual goals & metrics As mentioned earlier. having different Twitter accounts mean that you have different focuses. One account might want to increase brand awareness while another is more interested in increasing engagement with its current community members. Approach each new account like you’re approaching your overall marketing strategy and set up meaningful.

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