Apple is a great example of a brand that has built strong loyalty over the years . Research shows that apple has the most loyal smartphone customers in the us, with more than 90% of consumers saying they intend to buy another iphone .

It is a high percentage. And that doesn’t mean that the competition is weak or the products are inferior, but that apple provides a complete customer experience and brand positioning connects with its consumers.

The relationship is so strong


that customers have apple logo stickers, t-shirts and even tattoos! This is also the case with harley davidson, for example: customers don’t just buy a motorcycle, they buy an experience of the brand’s culture and lifestyle .

There are other good examples of companies that do this well and have Panama WhatsApp Number List high brand loyalty as a consequence. You may have thought of coca-cola, disney, starbucks or others.

But after all, how do you create brands that sing, attract and retain engaged customers?

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Build real connections
how did apple, coca-cola and harley-davidson create such strong loyalty and bonds? What do they have in common?

These brands sell much more than the product or service itself. They sell happiness (coca-cola), innovation (apple) or lifestyle (harley davidson). The entire communication and positioning strategy is built around its ideals and that creates a deep connection with the consumer.

It may sound cliché to say it here, but the point is: do you want to create a memorable brand? You really need to start with the “why”. Clearly understand the purpose of your brand and how it creates a real connection with the needs and wants of your audience. What is the reason that they choose you as a company? How does that differentiate you in an increasingly saturated market?

It is worth watching and reviewing the ted talk “ start with why ” (in english with spanish subtitles), by simon sinek.

Focus on the customer experience
okay! We know that it is essential to have a well-defined purpose, to be clear about how you connect with the public and, from that, to develop an organizational strategy.

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