Therefore, your follow-up be one step or multi-step? Ask yourself: at what point is this lead ready to be  to or off to enter the sales process? What are the steps of that process? All of this should be  in your lead generation strategy. Download this guide as a pdf what does the lead generation process look like? Now that you know what your strategy is, what does the actual lead generation process look like? Your exact lead generation process will vary. Depending on your business and what your sales process entails, but conventionally in inbound marketing it includes the following pieces at a bare minimum: call-to-action (cta): an image, button, or message that encourages website visitors to take some sort of action .

Page on Your Website Dedicated to a Specific Offer That Contains

Therefore, form that allows them to convert, exchanging their contact information for that offer. Form: where a visitor inputs their information and enters your database. Therefore, are typically on landing pages, but technically can be anywhere on your site. Thank you page: the page that your lead is taken to after they fill out your form that delivers the promised offer. Sometimes this may Jordan Phone Number be replaced by a simple in-line thank you message. Follow-up email: the email sent after the form is filled out, confirming that the request was received, delivering the offer again, Or offering next steps. What does this look like when it is all put together?

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Download This Guide as a Pdf Let’s Walk Through a Hypothetical

Therefore, generation campaign to illustrate in most situations. A visitor will first discover your business through a piece of content . Marketing that is focused on your target audience’s needs, such as a social media post or a blog article in a search engine. Let’s say you’re a travel agent and a user clicks on “5 experts tips for planning your next vacation. Therefore, a search engine, bringing them to a blog article on your website. In an ideal lead generation scenario, here they could read your article and encounter a call-to-action promoting an offer or lead magnet called, “the essential vacation planning template for 2022.” your visitor would be intrigued and click the call-to-action.

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