It might be easier for a customer service team to manage product-centric comments and compliments. While a community management-focused team fields social and brand values-related posts. With that division of labor in mind. It might be the time to create that customer support twitter handle. Thank you for posting in today. Having a good connection. Is a top priority. We are here to help. Please follow and dm us. For additional assistance Verizon has its hands full managing the feedback and complaints on social media. For their customer service. They created a separate twitter account to directly listen and respond to customer issues and questions. Recruiting did your goal this year include more focus on hiring through social media? Let your recruiting department take the reins. While the main account of salesforce focuses on promoting their products.

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The careers account focuses on sharing notes about Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists culture. Salesforce has offices around the world. With a careers account. The recruiting department can easily share career advice and listen for potential applicants. How to set up multiple twitter accounts setting up a second twitter account is just like setting up any other new account. But details matter. You don’t want followers to look at your new account and not immediately understand its purpose or connection to your main one. If possible. Verify your other accounts. Sprout twitter analytics check your resources first. You want to make sure you have the resources in place to manage multiple twitter accounts. Look at your audience insights and twitter analytics to determine how much attention each account will need.

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Ensure a consistent visual brand across accounts next. You want your new account to be visually identifiable as a brand account. This is often done with similar logo usage and/or mentions in the bio section. Airbnb has quite a few twitter accounts. In the above example. Their australia account uses the same logo as the main account so customers can easily identify it as a valid account. This step should be part of your larger social media branding strategy. Airbnb main twitter profile airbnb australia twitter profile identify your brand voices finally. Set up and define your brand voice. What are the absolute musts that your brand’s voice need to have across all platforms? Now how can these differ for your multiple twitter accounts? For example the college admissions account should use more vocabulary.

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