Taking everything for news You are Cyprus Phone Number moving into a new office building. And that is why you are very busy packing your things and setting up your new office. That demands a lot from your company. That is not news, however. The same goes for the haphazard launch of new services, companies and products. As long as Cyprus Phone Number you can’t explain why this new solution is needed, there’s no need to entertain the illusion that a journalist would write about it. A nice litmus test is to read a trade journal or newspaper and see if similar stories have been written before than the one you have in your head right now.

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Always ask yourself: are there similar stories written in the press? 3. Using these adjectives Remember when we shouldn’t confuse PR with advertising? That is why it is necessary to always avoid a number of words in a press release. These words ensure that your press release comes across as an advertising text. These adjectives, catchphrases and advertising material are prohibited in a press release: Special, unique, unique, exceptional, distinctive Affordable, cheaper Better, dear Right now, weird times, special times, crazy year The number one for years.

Cyprus Phone Number

Think About Things

Careless handling of press contacts Remember that you are in a dependent position on the press. You want journalists to write about your organization. At the same time, a journalist has a deadline and your story is one of the options for the piece he or she is writing. That relationship is never balanced. So make sure you make an editor’s life as easy as possible. How do you build a relationship with the press? Remember: journalists are actually like people. Treat them that way too. They like it when you call them back if you promise.

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