They appreciate it if you are honest Czech Republic Phone Number with them. Be flexible: cancel an appointment so that the interview can continue. Perhaps you have visual material that enriches the piece or you can provide a second or third source for a story. Look for ways to make writing an article as easy as possible. Someone who is Czech Republic Phone Number writing a press release. 5. Using a press list with 10,000+ contacts Why does it make no sense to send 10,000 journalists the same message? First of all, many journalists will put you on the spam list. Not super handy if you want to reach them again later.

Space You Think About Things

In addition, a journalist would like to know why you think this topic is relevant for that journalist or that medium. How should it be Czech Republic Phone Number done? ‘I approach you with this message because I see that you write about the housing market for NRC Handelsblad. I have a post about a survey on real estate agents and I think your readers Czech Republic Phone Number might find it interesting.” Because you already consider whether your message is relevant for a journalist, the chance of publication increases. 6. Know everything about everything Yes.

Czech Republic Phone Number

Think About Things

You have arranged an interview in that magazine that your target group reads with some regularity. The interview eventually becomes a smooth conversation, in which you are also asked about things you don’t know much about. Such as the imminent reorganization of banks. As a highly educated professional it is tempting to share your opinion – because why not? You know everything about everything, right? Error. You don’t have to have an opinion about everything. Ideally you want to share your knowledge.

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