This generates expectations among listeners and, consequently, a lot of fuss around the topic in this period. The brand is therefore able to work with the predictability of the market itself based on the increased visibility generated by the personalized use of its users’ data. Bottom line: spotify can develop specific strategies to implement at another time of year!

Free personaliz resources for the user

at the end of the interactive experience, the user receives content created especially for him through automated algorithms. In 2021, the company went beyond playlists of top songs or artists, creating the 2021 wrapped hub, featuring a variety of personalized, data-driven , and editorially curated content.

In other words: after a dive of user favorites within the app, the brand still offers users a Italy WhatsApp Number List free resource to keep them engaged and engaged. Does this sound familiar to you, marketer?

Presentation of user behavior

Italy WhatsApp Number List

one of the main focuses of the format chosen to present spotify . The is to capture the user’s attention and delight them with information about themselves that manages, at the same time, to make them feel unique and members of specific groups.

But the entire user experience throughout the retrospective. The was built around key takeaways that are essential to the success of this strategy.

Take a look at some details:

motivation and empathy
shocking slogans are hits in hollywood movies, on car decals, and apparently in this year’s spotify wrapped.

“in 2021 you did what you had to do”; “you always understood. The the task”; and “you deserve a playlist as long as your skincare routine,” each showing empathy and connection with the user.

Almost immediately, curiosity is piqued to verify what is said. The after that, increasing the time spotify listeners interact and engag that experience.

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