And conversely, by arousing the curiosity of your listeners by offering them at the end of the episode to read your last article on the subject, people who know your podcast, but not yet your website, will visit your website and also your articles. blog. 3. Enrich your social networks with your podcast to generate traffic In order to rank well, you Mayotte Email Lists to drive traffic to your website. Indeed, the more traffic there is on your site, the more Google will understand that there is a whole craze around what you do, and therefore the more it references you. As seen before, you can blog with SEO optimized articles.

But there are also other strategies such as a presence on social networks for example. Promotion on social networks Indeed, to attract visitors to your site through your podcast, you must promote it as much as possible . Post short passages of your audio, with a description that hooks or even post behind the scenes of the podcast to create a close relationship with your audience. Anything is possible, as long as you don’t just make promotional content.


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In your posts, include calls-to-action to encourage visitors to visit your site to learn more about a topic. Make them want, arouse their curiosity. In addition, this way, you will have a good follow-up of your audience. You will know that the people who have clicked on your ad will already have an interest in what you are offering. This will even allow you to launch retargeting campaigns afterwards … Social advertising campaigns And what could be better than talking about it on social networks with advertising campaigns, for example? Use your podcast in your Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website.


With impactful advertising, many people will click on your ad to be redirected to your podcast page or those of your articles about the episodes. On the other hand, do not stuff your Facebook or other account with advertising. Feed it by using content from your podcast again. My advice : take advantage of your online content to create a whole ecosystem in order to generate traffic. On the same subject : 6 simple tactics to optimize your SEO How to properly reference your podcast?


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How to properly reference your podcast? Now that we’ve seen how it is possible to capitalize on your podcast to improve your SEO, let’s take a look at how to properly reference your podcast itself. Referencing audio content, as we know, is more complicated than referencing text content. Indeed, even if the algorithms of our favorite search engines understand audio tapes better and better, they do not understand its subtleties. But since the podcast has aroused real enthusiasm, Google has decided, since 2018, to look into the subject so that it too can reference podcasts like other podcast platforms.

Google Podcast, how does it work? With the appearance of podcasts and especially a significant number of listeners which increases considerably from year to year, Google jumped at the opportunity by creating Google Podcast . Since then, it indexes and classifies them according to specific queries. To successfully SEO podcasts, it is necessary to apply traditional SEO methods to audio content. These SEO methods are more like the one used to SEO videos on YouTube.

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