This means that they may collect information from the moment you open the app and before you sign up. This includes information such as:

your location, ip address;
the device you are using;
search history;
among others.
According to the research, “consumers who have not given permission to be tracked will be alarmed by the number of third-party networks contacted by apps, even with minimal app use.”

third-party risk: what are the privacy concerns?

Since we are talking about third-party network contacts, you might be wondering, why is it so problematic? The answer is: there are many unanswered questions.

Who is tracking this data?
What data is shared and how will it be used?
What about tracking activity on other sites after leaving the app?
Also, consumers cannot disable potential trackers, so Panama WhatsApp Number List if they want to avoid this, their only alternative is not to use the app.

Data privacy scandals: this is not the first time

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this is neither the first nor the last scandal related to data privacy. In the past, companies like google and facebook were also involv in “unfair marketing practices” controversies that severely affected their brand image.

An example is the famous cambridge analytica scandal, in which the personal data of millions of facebook users was collect without consent and then used for political advertising.

Since then, mark zuckerberg’s company has faced many challenges in gaining the trust of online users. In 2021, according to the us digital trust benchmark report, the social media platform was rated the least trustworthy for the secon year in a row.

Another case is google, which in january 2022 was  in the us. Wow for deceptive and unfair practices to obtain user location data and was related to other relevant data scandals.

Is user tracking the only way to get relevant data?
Data collection has become the center of the conversation among social media users in recent years.

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