How much content is your business pushing out? If you see a correlation between more posts and higher engagement. You’re more inclined to ramp up production. Traffic. The more traffic to your site via social. The better. You can measure this easily in google analytics. Conversions. This is the most pressing metric for those interested in assessing your financial roi. You can either set conversion goals in google analytics or look at the performance of your social ads to figure this out. Reporting is critical for highlighting the financial roi of your social efforts tracking multiple kpis allows you to look at your social presence in a more holistic way versus harping on a single metric. Present your reports in context reality check: you can collect all the metrics in the world. But they mean little without some context.

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For example. What’s is the typical follower count for VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists in your field? What’s the industry standard conversion rate for facebook ads? For those unfamiliar with social media. These reference points help them make sense of your kpis. So do your social media goals. Again. Data points by themselves are just numbers. Prior to highlighting kpis. Make sure that you throw in a few brief sentences about what your goals were for the quarter. You don’t need to write a novel here: keep it simple. Your responsibility is to show that you’re working toward something. Whatever that may be (think: more conversions. Followers). In terms of your goals themselves. Stick to the principle of setting smart goals. Which are: specific. Say which specific strategies you’re going to employ (ugc campaigns.

VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists

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Influencer marketing. Facebook carousel ads and so on). Measurable. Any social goal needs to be tracked by the numbers. Achievable. You need to make sure you have the resources (creatives. Budget) to achieve your goals. Realistic. Don’t promise results that you can’t produce (think: doubling your follower count in a week). Time-sensitive. Your goals need an end point: they can’t be vague and ongoing (think: “we’re going to increase our follower count”). Framing your data this way not only helps you understand whether you’re reaching your goals but also clue you in on what needs to change to get there if you’re not. Make your reporting visual if you want your reports to shine. You’re going to need to do more than hit people over the head with numbers. A visual representation of your data and talking points is a good start. This makes your social media reporting even easier to digest at a glance.

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