That can take quite a bit of energy to get Greece Phone Number everything done: sound, image, background, slide deck, polls, timer, notes, spare earphones and microphone, glass of water, turn off online synchronization services in Greece Phone Number the background Also read: Discover your peak moments and increase your productivity infographic And just as you start, you hear your phone ring. Forgot to turn it off again! Or you’re busy and unsure whether you clicked ‘share audio’ when you shared the screen. Will the audio with the video work right away.

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Distraction you can miss. It is more useful if you think carefully and make a checklist. Then you no longer have to think about all those individual steps. The chances of forgetting something are also seriously reduced. Go through all the steps once and make notes and you automate the start. It also makes it easier to get in the right mood if you go through the same checklist every time and work towards your session. A bit like a pilot preparing his flight or a cook making a mass en place . In the book ‘ The Checklist Manifesto.

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How To Get Things Right ‘, surgeon Atul Gawande explains how his profession benefits from checklist. No matter how expert you are, it’s still human work and forgetting something is a risk. A checklist helps. Checklist Examples The best known are the classic check-off lists: What to bring on summer vacation? What to bring to a presentation How do I top up water in the central heating system? What should you take out of your car when you bring it in for repair.

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