Twitter follower audit these numbers might not be exact. But it’ll give you a rough idea to start with. If a large percentage of your followers are bots. You’ll probably want to work on growing your audience first. Unfortunately you can’t force bots to unfollow you. But you can try asking. Or report them if you’re completely sure it’s a bot. Again. Having a few bots follow you doesn’t necessarily harm your account. But the more real followers you have. The more accurate your analysis will be. What do your followers tweet about? After you’ve identified how many real followers you have. The next step is to learn what topics they’re tweeting about. This will help you cater your content to what your audience wants to see. The more they resonate with your tweets. The more likely they’ll be to engage. To analyze your twitter followers’ interests. You can manually go through and browse each followers’ timeline.

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But that’s going to take you a long time. Alternatively. You can Payroll Directors Email Lists twitter’s analytics to get a high level view of what your followers are interested in. Twitter followers interests you can go one step further and see what people are tweeting about when they mention your brand. Sprout’s trends report shows you what topics and hashtags people use the most when they mention you. Sprout social twitter trends report between these two reports. You have the ammo you need to create and share more of the content your followers actually like. Also. By understanding the hashtags and topics your followers tweet about. You’ll increase your chances of being discovered by new people who are searching twitter for the same keywords. When are your followers active? It’s already been well established that twitter is probably the noisiest social network. At any given second hundreds of new tweets can fill up your feed. As a result.

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Your tweets are seen by fewer people and you get less engagement. In order to counteract this. Try to learn the tweeting habits of your followers. Tweeting when your followers are active increases the likelihood of getting them seen. Most of your followers won’t see your tweets. But the goal is to increase your chances as much as possible. So how do you find the best time to tweet? There has been a lot of research into when to tweet for the most engagement. While that data can give you a decent starting place. Keep in mind they’re just averages. Your followers may not be on twitter during the times these studies deem to be the most active. You need to find out when your followers are most likely to engage. There are a couple of options to do this. First. You can look through your tweets that earned the most engagement and record what time they were sent. However. This takes up a lot of time.

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