07 2019 Have you spotted an offer that  Brazil WhatsApp Number List  suits you within MV Group or one of its subsidiaries? Do you want to apply spontaneously to join our great human adventure? Look no further, all the tips and tricks that will allow you to put the odds in your favor can be found in this article! THE 3 INGREDIENTS OF SUCCESS Here are some keys to help you, when you apply for MV Group or one of its subsidiaries, to maximize the chances of getting an interview! Without additive : Please note that we receive more than 6,000 CVs per year and despite all our will, we cannot spend all the time desired by CV. So, be clear in your presentation, do not “blah blah”,

get straight to the point, be pragmatic, efficient, as we do with our clients! The right ingredients : Ask yourself the right questions! Do you have the skills described in the ad? Not necessarily all of them, but a lot and especially the main ones? Whet your appetite : Ask about us! Our site and our social networks are an excellent way to find out more about us, to be able to project yourself into a pleasant working environment and to gain understanding of our expectations. mv-040419-155 A TASTE OF AUTHENTICITY! We are looking for authenticity and mutual trust.

A Meeting More Than An Interview

To decipher a CV, we have very specific analysis criteria that we are sharing with you today! For example, for an SEO Project Manager position : Does the Candidate use the words “SEO” or “SEO” in their CV or cover letter? Does the candidate have real SEO experience? Does the candidate detail what he has achieved in SEO (technical? Lexical? Analytical? Netlinking? Writing content?) Does the candidate cite specific SEO tools ? (Screaming Frog, Majestic, SemRush, AHrefs, etc) Did the Candidate take the trouble to write a cover letter? Does the Candidate detail his SEO experience in his cover letter? No need to “over-sell” your skills, we will test them during an interview


We want to build a relationship of trust with our customers and our employees and, to do this, we seek reciprocal transparency. We prefer a candidate who recognizes his points for improvement than a candidate who lies to himself, and therefore to others. NEVER STAY ON HUNGER! In view of the number of applications, we unfortunately cannot meet everyone. We receive those which seem to us the best correspond to our needs of the moment. It is not because we do not meet you that your profile is not interesting and that the doors of MV Group are closed to you for the future. It simply means that to date, we have perceived profiles that seem to us to better correspond to our needs.

To You, Candidates!

No matter what, you will always get a response from us! mv-040419-173 A MEETING MORE THAN AN INTERVIEW For those we will have the pleasure of meeting, here is an important tip: be yourself! We are looking for a talent, but also a real and sincere personality, not a comedian. In case of recruitment, we will spend a lot of time together, we want to make sure for you, for us, as for our clients, that you are going to enjoy our Human Adventure and that you will contribute to the progress that we want to build with each member of our team. You will be met in a very natural way by 2 experts in the field to talk about passion, techniques and to assess your level through a test against our high standards.

If this first exchange turns out to be conclusive, you will then meet our Human Capital Director to get to know you better, present our group project to you and confirm with you the certainty that we do share the same values. If we are well aligned, you will embark on the MV Group adventure to live a professional experience… differently. For the other candidates, even if we do our best to serve our clients well, to create new positions, you understand that we cannot recruit everyone. Once again, not matching a position to date does not close the door for the future. mv-040419-267 TO YOU, CANDIDATES! We are aware that as a candidate you have spent time applying to us and we are happy and proud of it. We are committed to building our group’s human project, and that starts with respecting the people who apply for it.

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