We’ve got an entire post about writing killer CTAs that you should check out, but as a quick review, these are our best tips:

  • A/B test your CTA copy— run campaigns that exclusively test different CTA buttons on Facebook or include different CTAs on Google Ads, and use tools like Unbounce or ActiveCampaign to split test your on-site or email CTA copy
  • Be direct and use action words, using words like “download” or “subscribe” to tell users exactly what you want them to do; “download” is more definitive than “access,” and more likely to drive action
  • Consider implementing clickable CTA buttons when it’s an option, like in email or on your site; to help it stand out, use contrasting colors on the button from the rest of the page
  • Test out leveraging urgency, with phrases like “now,” “today only” or “before time runs out” for time-sensitive offers
  • Make sure the copy around your CTA supports why users should take action; slapping a “get in touch” at the end of a blog post won’t do much if people don’t even understand what services or products you offer, or what makes you different

A Strong “Sticky” Landing Page

A “sticky” landing page is one that gets users to stick around long enough to take whatever action you want them to.

This sounds easy, but sometimes it’s a bit easier said than done.

For B2B businesses, these are often lead generation pages. For eCommerce brands, this may be category and product pages.

These are core pages that push users through Sri Lanka Phone Number research and consideration stages to the purchasing stage of the digital sales funnel, and need to give users the essential information about what you have to offer and why they should purchase.

Keep in mind that without strong landing pages, all of your campaigns will stall. Your social media posts, ad campaigns, blog posts, and emails will all send users to a landing page to take an action. If it’s weak or not sticky enough, that’s where all your momentum ends.


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Creating sticky landing pages is something many of our clients struggle with, which is why they end up coming to us to help with landing page design and optimization. It requires knowledge of both page design and copywriting, making it a bit tricky.

That being said, these are our best tips:

  • Know that formatting is key; you want a simple design with CTAs and action items above the fold, with plenty of white space to prevent users from feeling overwhelmed
  • Keep landing pages relatively brief; you want the copy to be short and snappy, while still giving users all the core information they need, so breaking it down into multiple different H3s or drop-down menus is useful

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