It also makes. This allows the development of agreed plans with the aim of increasing sales. 2. Improve knowledge about customer needs Customer needs The entrepreneur must remember that the main objective of his company is to know the needs of the client, to determine how he should satisfy them. With the trade marketing strategy, the aim is for the manufacturer and the consumer to be able to collaborate, work as a team as if they were partners, to enhance the shopping experience.

Advantages for the manufacturer The manufacturer will be able to see how relations with distributors improve . You help him gain a competitive advantage over his opponents in the market. You will be able to optimize and publicize the brand image of the product. It will improve the Canada Phone Number of the sales department. Get departments to achieve strength to improve the customer experience. The 9 steps to have unbeatable customer service Make your customers feel important to you.

If Your Attention Is Impeccable

They will come back to buy from you. If you receive a good deal when buying and help you make the best decision, you will be their favorite store. 4. Sales for the distributor As for the distributor, this will improve the relationship with the supplier. It will also help you get items and offers that best suit the point of sale. It will be a good resource that will allow sales optimization. You will be able to produce internal synergies between different departments, such as the sales, logistics or marketing department. What to look for in a Trade Marketing professional?


Although it is true that the objective of a trade marketing is to increase customer sales , the truth is that you will have to look for a much more advanced profile in marketing. Keep in mind that the expert is not only going to focus on the consumer as such, but also on the buying client , optimizing the point of sale. The trader marketing profile should be able to: Accelerate sales by coordinating and planning promotions. Be clear about the functions of rotation at the point of sale. Control trade marketing programs based on the different investment scenarios. Have control over how the distribution evolves.

Create Trading Conditions And Prices

These are just some of the many functions that the trade marketing manager must fulfill. What are the essential good practices in that strategy? Make a detailed study of your business (you will see it better in the trade marketing plan ). Make sure the distributor’s needs have been aligned with your goals. Gather the entire team to generate the ideas for the trade marketing plan. Use technology to your advantage (for example, to analyze competitors, to avoid excess stock or to control the different teams). Do not hesitate to monitor the results of the strategy, in case any changes have to be made.

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