Their team can provide insight into the progression of the narrative of a crisis. Including inflection points and what caused them. And share actionable intelligence to help the university respond at the speed of social. Within almost 24 hours of when the issue really escalated. Iu’s provost. Armed with the listening data. Released a statement. Staked out iu’s position condemning the professor’s tweets and headed off a lot of the conversation that was growing on twitter. “with sprout’s listening tools. We’ve really been able to solidify our place at the table when it comes to strategy. Marketing. Content development and how the university acts and responds in the face of challenging situations.” says norman. Proving the value of social proving the value of social is one of the top challenges marketers face.

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But with sprout’s premium analytics. Iu uses concrete Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists that demonstrate the value of their work to their partners. Norman. Campbell and the rest of their team work closely with the iu newsroom to share their content. “giving them sprout reports with link clicks to show how many people are continuing on to the newsroom from our posts. Has really solidified our relationship as partners.” says campbell. When iu publishes a larger campaign post for the newsroom that drives engagement and conversation. Campbell can share the post performance report to show newsroom partners that success. “sprout reports not only show people what we’ve done. It’s also just satisfying for me to have something tangible to show off.” says campbell.

Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists

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The group report made it easy to measure iu’s whopping 105 million impressions. 4.2 million engagements and 350.000 link clicks across all channels this year. With this data at their fingertips. The iu team took the report a step further by creating a social media year-in-review video that they can easily share with their partners. Students and leadership. Making a case for additional resources when a new chief marketing officer joined iu in 2019. They asked what percentage of their content was video and how it performed compared to other content types. At the time. The iu team had to manually calculate video views across all platforms for a full year in an excel file. Which was time-consuming and tedious. “at that point. We were looking for more analytics that included more video metrics that we didn’t have to pull by hand. With all the work we put in at the onset.

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