I can look at the history and see how long it’s been going on. Are they actually looking for answers? Or are they just venting like a lot of people do on social media?” says campbell. “we want to build relationships with as many people as we can. But don’t want to waste time. Looking at the conversation history helps us decide if a response will help or if the user is just being difficult as a result of their frustrations.” in addition to campbell checking the inbox and managing 1:1 communication. The iu team gets invaluable insights from sprout’s listening tools. As students arrived on indiana university-purdue university indianapolis’s (iupui) campus in the fall of 2019. The social team used sprout listening to keep an eye on chatter. They found that overall sentiment toward iupui was 85% positive for the month of september. But parking issues put a dent in that sentiment. The iu team set up a social listening query with keywords “iupui” and “parking.”

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As well as all tweets to the accounts mentioning the word Canadian CEO Email Lists in one month. They measured 211 topic mentions. Which highlighted the growing issue. Not only that. But the team also uncovered specific frustrations like the cost of parking permits. Inability to find spots and campus construction that exacerbated the issue. With that information. Iu studios was able to report their learnings to leadership and start a larger conversation about the issue. “you can’t just make new parking spaces out of nothing. But that was one of the first examples where we were able to really demonstrate the value of social listening to school leaders.’ says norman. With sprout’s listening tools. We’ve really been able to solidify our place at the table when it comes to strategy. Marketing.

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Content development and how the university acts and responds in the face of challenging situations. Clayton norman social media and digital marketing leader mitigating campus crises when it comes to crisis management. The iu team has learned that moving quickly when an issue starts to gain traction is key to a successful and coordinated response. Their ability to identify and surface issues as they arise is critical to developing an effective social response strategy as well as providing actionable insights to the university’s leadership team. Listening has become their go-to tool for crisis communications. When a twitter account with half a million followers unearthed some insensitive tweets from a tenured iu professor and shared them with their network. It posed a real problem for the university. However. The social team took swift action. Setting up a listening topic to understand the volume and reach of conversations happening around the issue. Next.

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