This information is then used to refine cloudera’s content strategy in an effort to capture audience interest and drive traffic directly to the company’s website. Cloudera logo from scheduling content to reporting on how it performs. It saves so much time. Shelby khan social media manager. Cloudera removing roadblocks engagement and link clicks are key performance indicators for cloudera. And with sprout. The company has experienced consistent growth on both fronts. Year over year as of august 26. 2019. Across linkedin. Twitter and facebook. Cloudera achieved a: 164.4% increase in total social followers 78.4% increase in total social engagements 78.6% increase in total social impressions this helped drive 201.400 total link clicks from organic social. Cloudera but the true value of sprout is also measured in terms of time saved. According to khan. “from scheduling content to reporting on how it performs.

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It saves so much time.” khan said. “it also makes a huge Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists for our team. Because it used to be that i might have to pull metrics manually. Say for a big quarterly business review. People would want to know the impact of social and how our content performed compared to other businesses or our own baseline. Before we’d have to go through linkedin and twitter and facebook for the last quarter and read every individual post. Put it in a spreadsheet and grab the metrics for it. It was a full day’s work. Now it takes two minutes.” cloudera can take those time savings and focus more on what really matters: inspiring interest. Trust and loyalty among its audience. With 24 hotels and counting throughout the us and canada. Loews hotels & co understands how vital the human touch is to delivering exceptional experiences to its guests. At the same time.

Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists

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The company knows first-hand the important role technology plays in helping a company of its size stay organized. Create time efficiencies and discover valuable business intelligence. That’s why loews utilizes sprout social to connect with customers on their communication channel of choice: social media. Having a platform which would allow us to collaborate. To have visibility into what’s happening at the hotels and have analytics all in a one-stop shop. That was one of the main reasons we went to sprout. Simon kopec director of social media & content strategy. Loews hotels & co confronting complexity director of social media & content strategy simon kopec oversees the company’s social media team. Working with a marketing manager who focuses on analytics and tactical execution across loews’ primary social accounts. However. Each property also has its own dedicated social media specialist. “for example. For our loews hotels universal orlando properties.

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