It encompasses all the unconventional manipulations used to improve a site’s ranking or bring down a competitor’s site. In the past this meant: Stuff a landing page with keywords, Color text in white so that the user cannot see them, but the search Libya Email List read it, Use malware to spam or slow down a competitor’s site … Note : some still practice Black Hat SEO, although it is increasingly difficult to achieve due to regular updates of Google algorithms.

Remember that Google punishes companies that use these techniques. And, once he spots you, it’s very difficult to gain his trust again. Therefore, it is better to stick to White Hat SEO. SEO on social networks Finally, let’s not forget about SEO on social networks. This involves optimizing your accounts to improve engagement and visibility on sites like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest … Social SEO is an interesting practice for many businesses that exploit social media.


To Regain That Precious Thing That You Desperately Need

Note : Each social media platform has its own search algorithms that work in a unique way. For example, putting keywords related to your industry on your LinkedIn profile helps you appear in the right searches, perhaps those of a future employer or business partner … Tracking and monitoring your SEO Tracking and monitoring your SEO Here is one last very important aspect of SEO. Indeed, SEO is not a lever of Digital Marketing to set up for 1 week or 2, then to forget. SEO should be monitored frequently, and if possible, by someone who understands how SEO works and who has the right tools.


Be aware that all SEO fluctuates regularly for different reasons, such as: Google algorithm changes , Changes in the behavior of your competitors, Unexpected technical issues with your website, New backlinks you weren’t aware of, Content that you publish on social networks … But regularly monitoring your SEO isn’t just about finding mistakes. It’s also about understanding how to adjust the way you work to connect with your target audience. What tools to use to monitor and track your SEO?


 To Benefit From This Absolutely Considerable Competitive Advantage

If you are focusing on optimizing your site for Google, there are some tools you should know to save time on these technical aspects: Google Analytics . This is the free tool offered by Google to monitor the performance of your site. There are other analytics software available, but Google Analytics is the most commonly used. Its use is simple, after having assimilated its concepts . Google Search Console . This tool, also free and created by Google, helps understand how your website appears in search. You can know what queries people are using to find your site and make sure that all of your pages are getting indexed by the search engine.

Set up a routine and check it out very regularly. A priori, the ranking is done according to the popularity of the page, but there is a debate of experts on this point. Regardless, it can be handy to find out what is working and boost worthy items. Note : if the number of pages does not match the number of pages that make up your site, it’s time to take a look in your Search Console . That’s not all ! With the advanced operator “Site:”, you know directly if a given website deals with a certain subject.

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