There is no doubt that strong images push Internet users to act … Note : Be aware that customer photos carry more weight than photos you post as the owner. Encourage your customers to post them. Statistics on Google My Business Guadeloupe Email List Statistics on Google My Business publications When you write a blog post or update your social media, you’ll probably have a habit of checking the views and likes of the posts. Likewise, Google My Business provides data relating to your Google Posts. For information, Google Posts are small articles that you can publish on your business listing to distribute to your audience.

To do this, click on the “Posts” command, in the left menu, to know the number of views your posts have received in the previous week. You also have access to the number of total post-per-post views since their publication. This allows you to find the type of posts that are most successful. Note : A publication impression is counted when a publication is fully displayed on the screen on a mobile or desktop computer. Therefore, the view is not counted when it appears directly on your card, but only when the user actually clicks on the post itself or when they scroll to see previous posts.


Why This Retrospective On The Theme Of Copywriting?

Note : thanks to dubble for allowing me to illustrate this article with some data from one of these healthy restaurants. How can you use GMB statistics to your advantage? To use this data more effectively, simply analyze it regularly. Indeed, this data can be used to improve your marketing strategy and contribute to future improvements. Any Digital Marketing Specialist believes that “Data Driven People Focused Marketing” is an opportunity and I’m not going to say the opposite! The biggest advantage with Google My Business Insights is that you have access to this data for free! Conclusion on Google My Business statistics.


For example: “boulangerie Paris 3”… Like all your other texts, the placement of this keyword will be done in the title, the meta-description and the H1 as well as in the intro. Let’s not forget that Google pays special attention to the first 150 words of your content. And since it also focuses on the titles, you just have to place the derived keywords in your hn structure . To do this well, also used structured data to tell Google where it can locate your goods and services.


Adaptation, The Great Secret Of Copywriting?

The result of a good local referencing intervenes in 2 ways: When Internet users type a request, as seen previously, of the “Paris 3 bakery” type, Google offers your website, When Internet users type “bakery” on their cellphones, the GPS does the rest. This is what experts call “near me” queries . Google geolocates the user’s mobile phone and makes the connection with shops or services located nearby. On the same subject : Google “Venice” or how to work on your local SEO 2nd tips: Google My Business 2nd tips: Google My Business In 2020, only 49% of companies have a verified GMB file (source arobasenet ).

However, it is a shame to neglect this free promotional channel, made available by Google. Indeed, this sheet therefore necessarily allows you to geolocate your store, and to be visible in your sales area … In addition, Google makes it possible via these files to distribute ads for free, to collect opinions and to announce your news, events, promotions, etc. The advantage of using Google My Business for businesses is therefore twofold: Not only can they advertise their product and service for free in their catchment area, But in addition, Google offers in its search engine results and in Google maps systematically GMB records for local searches.

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