Why do you want to understand the Google algorithm? This is what Laurent advised me when I launched myself a few weeks ago into the detailed discovery of Google’s algorithm: To boost your SEO, the first step is to understand the Google Malta Email List in great detail . Obviously, the algorithm is not disclosed, but certain criteria are easy to imagine as soon as we know that Google wants in the first place delivered results that are relevant to the search intention of its users.

This is a clear objective. And I take this opportunity to give you a report and help you save time on these somewhat technical aspects of your SEO. I remind you that this series owes almost everything to the excellent Brian Dean . If you have time, check out what he writes on Backlinko . His articles are of the utmost value! Preamble : As you do not know, Google does not publish its ranking algorithm. This is why the criteria, listed in this series of articles , can only be guesses. Nonetheless, they all seem to be possible candidates.


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Finally, the possible interaction between all these ranking factors is not at all described in our articles. Anyway, to fully understand the Google algorithm, assume that they are trying to provide you with high quality search results. From this hypothesis, make your own opinion on the following criteria. Contents [ display ] Following special criteria related to the Google algorithm I am continuing this list of criteria, qualified as “special” already started in the previous part of this series to understand the Google algorithm. Shopping type results You probably know, Google is launching a lot of activity in all directions. E-commerce is also part of it via Google Shopping .


On Google Shopping, you search and compare the offers of your favorite stores. In addition, it is also an advertising offer dedicated to the products that you can sell online. This criterion is simply to note that Google sometimes outclasses Shopping ads type results in the results, obviously only when it is appropriate. My advice: if you have an online store, be sure to declare your list of products on Google Shopping! Images type results understand the Google algorithm – image search If you use Google frequently, you have surely noticed the image search.


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Indeed, you can choose the type of results you want to display after launching a search. Here, I typed “audreytips” and by clicking on “Images”, Google brought out some images published on #audreytips. Well, Google may from time to time insert in the organic results (the “All” tab in the search above), results of the type Images. It depends on the fact that Internet users also often do this same search in Google Images . My advice : remember to specify an “alt text” on all the photos / images on your site.

You can also, for more impact, rename the image files to contain the keywords for which you are looking to rank well. To do this, I use the plugin for WordPress: Media File Renamer . Easter egg type results understand the Google algorithm – easter egg At Google, there is no lack of humor. Indeed, the developers slip “Easter Eggs”. These Easter eggs can be little features or simple jokes that appear on the results page. Most often these are simple animations, but sometimes they can also be mini-games. Don’t panic, it is not a question of hackers who have taken possession of the web giant’s servers, but just hidden features whose aim is to surprise users with an original user experience.

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