Still with our example of travel agencies in Vietnam, here is what we get by analyzing the Tonkin Voyage site. After passing the URL into Backlink Watch, you see that the site has a lot of links that are mostly from comments on Blogs or Sri Lanka Email Database Forums. My advice : find the most interesting blogs or forums and also get links on these different “spots”. What is interesting with this method is that you benefit from the work already done by your competitors. 2. Write guest articles The second method, very popular and paradoxically less used (perhaps because quite time-consuming) is to publish content on sites other than yours .

However, publishing on a well-chosen site has many advantages: Be visible to your community which is likely to be interested in your products and services, P advan- tage of a traffic boost to your website, Obtain a thematic and quality klink bin from an authority site. For my part, I only see advantages. How to choose the sites that will host one of your articles? Here are 3 criteria for choosing a good site for your guest post: Its theme . For our agency in Vietnam, it may be a site specializing in Vietnam, Southeast Asia or more generally travel, Its real and involved audience .


What Is The User’s Intention?

To do this, look at the number of comments on the last published articles and also the number of shares on social networks, Its traffic . To get an estimate of the number of visits, use SimilarWeb to get an estimate of total visits. With these 3 criteria, you make sure you have a very nice backlink. And this is exactly the method I am using at the time of this writing. A guest post that I use to reference my site. A small clarification on the guest articles More and more, it is difficult to publish without having to pay financial compensation.


Even if some bloggers gracefully open their site to other bloggers, the majority offer sponsored articles from the moment they are dealing with a business wanting to promote it. Nevertheless, it remains a very good return on investment. In our example for Vietnam, here’s how to do it: List the sites open to invited articles . To do this, simply type in google: travel + “guest article” or travel + “submit an article”, Contact the sites in question with a “human” approach . Do not have fun sending “corporate” text in copy / paste mode, Be honest in your approach and clear in your request, Once the partnership is validated, write quality content .


Google And Search Intentions

At first glance, it may seem simple. But it is not. It will take time to find the sites, send an email if possible very convincing , make a follow-up and write the article. But the price isn’t expensive compared to what it gets you back. My advice : focus on acquiring your first 15 links in 90 days. For this, you will have to plan and organize the obtaining of your backlinks. This is the goal of the next chapter. The importance of tracking in your SEO SERProbot – The importance of tracking in your SEO to reach the first Google page The objective of a netlinking campaign is above all to take positions on Google.

To achieve your objective and measure the effectiveness of your SEO, it is therefore imperative to monitor the evolution of your positions . There again, there is a whole set of tools (free and paid) for this such as SEMrush, KWFinder or even Serprobot . Obviously, to follow the evolution of your positions, start by knowing the level from which you are starting. This is what SERProbot gives us for our agency in Vietnam on our 2 requests: In position 10, “trip to Vietnam price” Absent from the top 100 positions for “cheap Vietnam stay” With this data, it is easy to conclude that the agency should do what is necessary to:

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