We live in a society where a lot Taiwan Phone Number is asked of us. It is therefore not surprising that many of us suffer from this. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you probably want to know how to get rid of it. Van der Drift emphasizes that Taiwan Phone Number removing this stress is not the solution. It does help if you learn to use your awareness button. Then you can stop yourself and your perfection stress for a while, and that gives you the chance to Taiwan Phone Number stop and look at that perfection stress from a distance.

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This way you create more freedom Taiwan Phone Number of choice and flexibility when dealing with (unhealthy) perfectionism in your life. Van der Drift has developed the STOP method for this. Stop stands for: Disarm stress thoughts Lookup trial -and-error Open up for the fear of not being good enough Respond positively to mistakes I will briefly Taiwan Phone Number go through each step with you. Step 1: Disarm Stressful Thoughts You have all kinds of stressful thoughts, but they have one thing in common: they are very loud. Yet we do not always notice when we have an attack of those stressful thoughts. What helps is to defuse.

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You take a step back and notice that Taiwan Phone Number you are thinking, which allows you to disconnect from those thoughts and see them at a distance. You can now see them coming – and more importantly, you can let them go. Defusing is done in these steps: Try to recognize a stressful thought. Experience the sensations in your body as you say Taiwan Phone Number this stressful thought aloud. You put your stress thought at a distance with this sentence I have the stress thought that Finally, extend the distance and say this out loud: “I notice that I have the stressful thought that It is important to realize when defusing that it is not the intention to get rid of the thought or to start thinking differently.

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