That is what you can call in a pleasant Chile Phone Number confrontation, so that you do not make assumptions and give the other person the space to explain. Also read: Giving & receiving honest feedback is difficult, this is how Chile Phone Number you do it Let’s look at a few more examples: “I see you don’t feel like it anymore” contains a judgment. The factual comment you’d better make is “I see you’re yawning and slumped down.” ‘You don’t Chile Phone Number have to defend yourself’ also contains a judgment.

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For example, to make this statement Chile Phone Number factual, you could say, “Your answer to my last three questions began with the words ‘yes, but rhinoceros confrontation keep it to yourself During a pleasant confrontation, you state the effect that something has on you. But not what effect you think it has on the other and you don’t put the cause Chile Phone Number of your feeling on the other. On the contrary, you seek confrontation to clarify perspectives. That is why it is very important that you share the effect of a situation.

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It helps if you start with ‘I notice’, ‘I feel that’ or ‘I feel’. Mind you, that does not guarantee that what you say afterwards, you keep to yourself. Especially when emotions run high, we tend to quickly attack ‘If you don’t then’. Let’s look again at a few Chile Phone Number examples. With the remark ‘That makes me feel that you don’t think I’m good enough’ you explain the cause of your feeling to the other person. This changes if you say, for example, ‘I feel like I’m not good enough’. Also the comment ‘You probably already noticed that this doesn’t really land well with me’ explains the cause of your feeling with the other person.

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