The Ikigai Model In the Ikigai model, you write Albania Phone Number down in the outer planes of the four circles in sequence: what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs. In the overlapping Albania Phone Number planes of the circles (to put it mathematically: the subsets), your passion, mission, calling and possible profession come to the fore. Simply put, if you’re good at something and you can get paid for it, you could make it your profession.

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Things you love and the world needs Albania Phone Number can shape your mission. Ikigai personal branding model. You can use the ikigai working from the outside in to find your purpose. It forms – almost like a personal value proposition – an excellent basis for your personal branding. In the next ’round’ you can see if the previous aspects Albania Phone Number match well. Something can be your mission, but can you also make it your profession? Or vice versa: You can make something your profession, but does it match the mission? If the answer to any of those questions is no, it will eventually gnaw.

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Free download make your own ikigai In the next step you literally get to the core. You make even more choices and thus lay the foundation for your personal positioning. You can download a blank ikigai to fill in yourself here . IKIGAI – with Golden Circle – Ronald Faas By combining the igikai with Simon Sinek’s Start with the Why concept, you ensure that you not only have a good image yourself, but that you can also convey it strongly. If you are going to step outside, it is useful to put Simon Sinek’s golden circle over your ikigai.

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