Created by the Japanese company Denso Wave in 1994, this black and white checkerboard in the shape of a fanciful chessboard has become the technology to be used in the age of smartphones connected to the Internet. Meaning Quick Afghanistan Email List in English, the QR Code stores data that can be decoded automatically by mobile applications. The user just needs to flash the code with their mobile device and the decryption is done. At the start of 2008, it revolutionized the use of 2D bar codes in France. Since then, the prize list goes to the city of Bordeaux, which has made it a quick way to consult information on its culture and history.

The QR Code is now on the way to democratize, because brands see a great interest in it from a practical point of view. This technology is unanimously approved for its international accessibility and easy reading. It is accessible almost everywhere: from your home, a café, a park, a plane or a train. It allows you to navigate to a website, to have access to an explanatory video or audio commentaries in museums, to validate a transaction, to pay your coffee, your restaurant bill, to buy cinema tickets, tickets of transport via cell phone, etc. The use is wide.


Qr Code: The Most Promising Sectors Of The Economy

According to market figures, Spain is the first to experience strong growth in the use of the QR Code in Europe. But, Germany is at the top of the list. In Japan, nearly 90% of housewives connected to the Internet have already used it. QR Code: The most promising sectors of the economy The future lies in new technologies, in particular QR Codes readable on smartphones. This new standard is starting to be democratized among the general public. Many companies use it to communicate with their respective customers. This marketing tool can be very effective and profitable if it is perfectly mastered.


Many consumer and service companies (technology, cosmetics, textiles, health, food, medicine, etc.) use QR codes as a link between print media and consumers. It is a real marketing tool for companies who want to inform mobile users about the characteristics of the services or products they offer, the existence of discount coupons and promo codes, or conduct a survey on a new product. This could boost sales and build customer loyalty. In the music and games industry, this tool makes it easy to download applications that are useful for listening to music or accessing online games. Event organizers using it to provide access to information on events (places, times, prices, etc.).


QR Code: Technological evolution

Today, the legal sector is in the process of following in the footsteps of the food and cosmetics industry. In fact, law firms use QR codes to make themselves known, increase their visibility on social media and to attract potential customers to defend. Legal marketers are the most affected by the use of this new media strategy. The tourism sector is also on the way to enter the race for the digital revolution by writing QR codes on tourist signs. For a flawless efficiency of this tool, it is essential to define the strategic locations, taking into account the technical constraints.

In a constantly evolving technological world, it is now possible to go shopping without having to take your bank card out of your pocket. The transaction is done via a smartphone by scanning the QR Codes. This payment method makes life easier, especially for mobile phones running Windows 8, IOS and Android. QR (or Quick Response) code scanning technology is constantly evolving. This black and white chess-shaped barcode can be decoded by any smartphone with a good camera, which would save us time. Aware of this rapid development, the various players in the cell phone payment market are mobilizing.

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