Use a video to introduce those team members in a new way. You can even create an emotional connection to your product. I love this example from zendesk, a company that builds support software. Emotional connections are important because they help people remember you. The goal is to make people feel inspired, delighted, or joyful when they see your content. In remembering you positively, they’re more likely to buy from you, come back Wedding Photo Editing as a repeat customer, and even recommend you to someone else. An emotional connection will help you stay memorable and drive more sales Wedding Photo Editing your way. 2. Use video in your emails once you’ve made an emotional connection, what can you do to move the relationship along? Let’s assume.

That You Have Their Email Address Wedding Photo Editing

That you have their email address (if not, you should be asking for an email address within every video you publish)–you’re trying to send them interesting, useful content, right? You’re including a clear call to action, but how do you get people to click on it? Try using video as the call to action in the body of the email, and you’ll see higher click-to-open ratios than Wedding Photo Editing you’d see with any other cta. This is because video is the most appealing call action you can put out there. People want to click play, especially if you can choose a really friendly, interesting thumbnail image. And ideally, you’re tailoring what you send them, so that they’re not seeing the same video multiple times. 3. Pay attention to when people watch the third thing you have to do is take Wedding Photo Editing advantage of timing. It’s in your best interest to get in front of somebody at the right time, such as when they’re in the middle of their purchase evaluation process. If they’re already in the market for your kind of product.

Wedding Photo Editing

You Have a Higher Chance Wedding Photo Editing

They already know it. Strike while the iron is hot! But how can your sales team tell if someone is considering you? Well, you can create alerts to let a salesperson knows when prospects watch your videos. You Wedding Photo Editing can even specify which videos or what you want to know when someone Ttches 100% of the video. For example, if someone watches your pricing video, it probably means they are pretty close to buying.

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