Distribute it among an increasingly Philippines Phone Number large group. What helps with this is a tool like Click to Tweet . You write a short message or quote that your visitor can share with the click of a button. The shared content in turn ensures Philippines Phone Number more traffic to your website. 7. Put your colleagues to work Share all your content internally. I often send out an email saying ‘this blog article is now live and you can share it on Philippines Phone Number Facebook or LinkedIn via this link’. Don’t assume that your colleagues will encounter it online themselves. Make it as easy as possible, for example by making some suggestions for text and images that they can add. 8. Share your content on forums, in groups and in communities For example, I regularly post.

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LinkedIn. It happens regularly that Philippines Phone Number someone thinks ‘interesting’ and also shares it on his or her profile (thankfully). Research relevant (there you have the word again) forums, groups and communities and share your Philippines Phone Number content. Read the guidelines carefully first, because you can’t just share content everywhere. 9. Keep sharing content with your own database Don’t forget your own Philippines Phone Number database! In any case, share content in newsletters (if you send them) and make it possible to subscribe to blog updates. This way you can always share new content with your database and they can share it for you again Place.

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Email signature Yes, does that actually Philippines Phone Number work? Opinions are strongly divided on this. It just depends on your position, in which industry you work and with whom you e-mail (mainly internally or also externally). Yet I also Philippines Phone Number believe that this is one of the ways to ensure that as many people as possible are triggered again to go to your website or blog. As long as you subtly incorporate it in your email Philippines Phone Number signature, I say: if it doesn’t help, it won’t do any harm. I hope these tips help you get more traffic to your website and blog. I am very curious if you have any golden tips? How do you ensure.

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