On a hot summer day, having a can of refreshing drink is one of the fun to cool off. However, when you buy a can of hand-cranked drink that is advertised as free of pIn the fall of 2008. The melamine incident commonly known as ” China’s poisoned milk


The popular myth is that any “chemical”

Poses an immediate danger to health, whether the “chemical” or “food additive” is artificially or naturally contained; what Portugal Phone Number kind of substance. In addition to the melamine incident in the above example, it is more common that food is found to contain pesticides or plasticizers, and these residues make people smell

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Deputy General Manager Cai Yueting believes tha

Which items to inspect, whether the inspection results conform to health standards, legal basis and other information, after getting the inspection report, there is no need to fog the data. So that users can truly understand the meaning of the data. Information aggregation sounds simple. But it is not easy to do. Many manufacturers

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