User experience update: how do I make sure I have a fast website?
Right now, user experience is primarily measured by core web vitals , which. Can be found under user experience in google search console .

There you can monitor the performance of your site. On how google perceives it from the human point of view. This can serve as a guide for what to fix.

Right now, it doesn’t

matter how you solve these problems, as long as you have high scores in the ” good ” category.

User experience update: to amp or not to amp?
Accelerated mobile pages (amps) are an easy way to optimize your mobile site experience. Enabling amps Colombia WhatsApp Number List on your website can serve as a quick fix to give google the perception of a fast and properly rendered website.

Implementing amps is a matter of choice, although a few years ago it seemed almost mandatory. Mpas were never — and still are not — required.

At rock content, for example,

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we have decided to stop. Using amps and invest in optimizing our website globally.

We have had no negative impact on our traffic, nothing has changed for our visitors and our website has become much easier to manage without the duplicate pages.

As with eat, google asked us to change our mindset: to achieve better results we focus our attention on improving the user experience instead of just looking at the technology we are using .

As long as you get good scores on your core web vitals, you’ll be fine.

2022 and beyond
All the changes we saw in the last two years led us to where we are now:

Ignore google. Satisfy users.

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