Send the post for approval. Add tags for tracking message types and more – you’ll learn more about these features as you progress through this article and through your trial! For new posts. You can also choose scheduling options. Such as whether to publish now. Add to the queue. Schedule manually or save as draft. For more information on each of these post types. Check out our introduction to publishing in sprout. Compose in sprout reply to a message in the smart inbox in addition to creating new content for your social. You can engage with incoming messages in sprout’s smart inbox. Which pulls together incoming content from twitter. Instagram. Facebook and linkedin. You can reply to or like an incoming message to keep interacting with your audience. Pro tip: in the right sidebar of the inbox. You can choose which social profiles are filtering into your inbox at a given time.

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And can select “hide completed items” to clean up messages CFO Email List already replied to from your current view. Add competitors on your competitor reports much like reporting on your own profiles. You’ll get the most out of your competitor reports by adding your competitors as soon as possible. As data on these reports is available starts being available from the time of connection. You can find these reports by going to the reports tab and choosing each respective network in the left sidebar. You can add up to 20 competitors on both the facebook competitors report and the instagram competitors report at once. For the twitter comparison report. You can track 20 competitors. And toggle between views to see each competitor. As this report starts populating data.

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You can kick off your competitive analysis by reviewing your competitors’ audience growth. Engagements and even top posts to see what post types are working best in your industry. Sprout facebook competitor report example pro tip: competitor reports are available on our professional and advanced plans. If you started your trial on our standard plan. You can still try out competitor reports by upgrading to a free professional or advanced 30-day trial under settings > billing & plan. Check out sprout’s getting started page would you rather see a video walkthrough of these features? As you’re getting set up. Check out our getting started resources for short videos on adding profiles. Publishing content and replying to messages. You can also download our sprout 101 guide for your own quick reference or for distribution on your team. Week 2 invite your team why keep the to yourself?

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