As an SME you will often work with Turkey Phone Number external parties for the development of your platform, be it a website, app or social media channel. However, it is important to have basic knowledge of: The website structure and layout Searchmachine optimalisation This ensures that you can follow the conversations with Turkey Phone Number external parties and place a critical note where necessary. traffic Now of course you have to make sure that relevant visitors know how to find your website (or other platform). In this phase you determine which channels you will use.

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That Waiters Know Orders

Slierendrecht emphasizes that it is Turkey Phone Number wise not to bet on multiple channels at once. Start with the channel you think will make the biggest impact. Test, learn and optimize before moving to a new channel. Channels to think about: SEO SEA PPC Display E-mail social Conversion If all goes well, you will now attract relevant Turkey Phone Number visitors. Now is the time to start collecting data. You use the collected data to optimize your platform and campaigns in order to increase the conversion rate. For example, you may find out that 80% of your website visitors view the website via their smartphone.

Waiters Know Orders

Is your website really mobile proof ? An important tip from Slierendrecht for this phase is that you should not only draw up clear KPIs, but also evaluate them periodically. So build a rhythm for yourself and stick to it. I know it’s not always the most fun part, but if you don’t do it, you’re wasting time and money on marketing initiatives that don’t pay off. Use this model as a guideline for your own digital marketing strategy and see if the result improves if you keep the cycle of the VINC model. About ‘Next level entrepreneurship’ In his book.

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