of the company. Passionate about Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List  business intelligence and business intelligence , Christophe is a visionary and pioneer in the field : his ambition is to support CAC 40 companies and let them know what is being said about them, their competitors, or about their market. Today, that no longer shocks anyone, but at the time the internet barely existed. Google was born just a year ago, on September 04, 1998! Not without difficulty, he will achieve this ambition and will succeed in signing half of the CAC 40 companies at the time and will even work with the Prime Minister’s Office. Smaller companies are also showing a lot of interest, but less in purchasing the services. His first years are complicated, as for almost all companies:

he will have to face economic difficulties, will experience tensions with the banks and will have the pressure to honor the deadlines. As with many entrepreneurs, these difficulties will have a direct impact on his personal life. At a crucial moment, he was “saved” by an article in the newspaper Les Echos, which was already praising Mediaveille. Seeing this, the banker changes his mind and decides to grant him a new line of credit. It just goes to show that the life of companies can depend on very few things! 360 ° support at the heart of DNA Christophe sets off again and listens to the local market .

Beginnings In Tension

Everyone explains to him that the day before, it’s interesting, but that the main concern is above all to get back to the first page of Google . It takes up the subject, understands the actions to be taken to have results and continues its development with the creation of the Natural Referencing (SEO) expertise center. In 2005, it faced new financial difficulties to finance its growth. A meeting during a lunch with a friend will change things, since this one gives him his support by returning to the capital. The contribution of an outside perspective, some good advice, and the company begins a new stage in its development. She is getting better,


the Webmarketing and Analytics poles have been launched: with 10 employees, she benefits from a high level of expertise recognized in the West. This is the reason why, while I am CEO of Précom Multimedia in the Ouest-France group, I decided to entrust Mediaveille with all of my team’s digital training, a great opportunity to get to know Christophe. Mediaveille celebrates its 10th anniversary September 2008: the Subprime crisis affects the whole world. No company, including Mediaveille, escapes it. An activity that becomes more complicated, a team that has grown, some internal tensions … The isolation of the leader is strong. Christophe, in his forties and a new family life

The First Months: (Re) Placing

commutes between Rennes and Madrid every weekend. It’s Mediaveille’s 10th anniversary , but it’s also the year Christophe decides to change his life and sell the company. For my part, quarantine is also approaching. After 20 years in a group where I have been able to flourish and progress, I have the feeling that I have reached the end of a story. Meeting David Leray, founder of the vacances.com site who will become my mentor, opens my eyes and pushes me to take my courage in both hands to get out of my comfort zone and embark on a new adventure. I decide to get into entrepreneurship , looking for a business that I can develop. As a first sign, the latest recruitment made by Christophe Potron is that of Yohann Delahaye

with whom I worked at Precom Multimedia. Olivier Méril seated on a chair in front of the MV Group logo and subsidiary logos During my departure evening, which I do in a nightclub with my team and former colleagues, I exchange with Yohann. He explains to me that he is having fun at Mediaveille, that he brings advice and quality services to companies. He asks me about my projects and I explain them to him: I want to buy a company in marketing, communication, digital, the sale of services to companies , ideally in Rennes and between 7 and 15 employees, given my budget. Jokingly, he replies “you are looking for Mediaveille!” I am convinced then that it is not for sale, but he tells me: “I understand that Christophe has this intention, because he has just had a baby and wants to move to Madrid”.

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