They can be used in particular to change or improve the design of your site, launch a new campaign or send an e-mail . The dashboard The dashboard is made up of different widgets that provide an overview of the reports and statistics that are of interest to you. It allows you to study many Greece Phone Number List simultaneously in order to quickly check the health of your accounts or to establish correlations between different reports . A dashboard is easily achievable, customizable and shareable. The segment A segment is a subset of your Google Analytics data .


To give an idea, a segment can be made up of the users who are viewing a specific section of your site. Segments allow you to isolate and analyze these subsets of data, in order to examine and respond to industry trends. For example, if you find that users in a region have reduced their consumption of a certain line of products, you can find out whether a competing company offers the same types of products. You can then react accordingly . Google Analytics is an optimization tool. It is a complex tool that involves a great deal of thought.

Which Is Why It Is Always Useful To Be Notified Quickly

The best way to learn is to cross different sources of information (use the tool, watch tutorials, webinars, read articles, books …). Do not hesitate to combine it with heat map , scroll map , eye tracking solutions … Finally, Google Analytics is constantly evolving in order to improve our experience. Note, however, that Google Analytics is not the only web analytics solution available on the market. If you want to discover more, read this article ! Do you want to discover more of the world of Web Analytics ? Discover our webinar on the subject!

Below are some interesting variations: Cognitive Cards Workshop: synthesizing the experience of different personas in a structured way The cognitive maps , illustrate radially (the subject at the center and the concepts around) the association of ideas . They will thus reveal the dynamics specific to each one. These cards provide a better understanding of the participants ‘ perceived experience . cognitive-maps Brainwriting 6X3X5: generate as many hypotheses as possible to strengthen the backlog From the problems defined and selected upstream of the ideation workshop , six participants, experts in their field, will generate possible solutions for 6 problems.

By Configuring Alerts, Google Analytics Sends

Each participant has 5 minutes to generate 3 ideas for a problem ( see illustration ). At the end of the 5 minutes, the participants pass their sheet around to their neighbor and the exercise starts again. After six laps, the exercise is over and a hundred ideas have been generated . brainwritting Crazy 8 (or six-to-one) From the issues defined upstream, each participant will generate ideas for functionalities, routes, interfaces or interactions . This phase lasts 8 minutes during which each participant illustrates one idea per box for 40 seconds, followed by a 20-second break. When all the participants have presented their ideas, we vote by assigning stickers to the ideas of our choice. Ditto for a second round. The ideas selected can be integrated into the interactive prototype .

Visual maps are very effective tools for leading an ideation workshop or an evaluation workshop : those of Carine Lallemand are particularly well thought out. 3. Design phase Sorting cards tri-card Card sorting is used to organize themes, a backlog, a tree structure . The workshop begins with a Naming phase . The cards are read and details are provided. It is possible to add or delete cards. Freely, the participants group the cards until a consensus is found. It is possible to duplicate cards as needed. Finally, when the groups are stabilized, the last step is to name them.

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