a project towards quantified and objective results rather than on preconceptions and sometimes distorted perceptions. test-user-debate Here, the user being the main interested party , he is the basis of the analysis. It is his feelings, his experience and his perception that will make Oman Phone Number List final decision. And if unfortunately his speech could be called into question, remember that the majority of user tests can be recorded (audio and video). Why do user tests? Ask yourself the question at each iteration And, even if you are convinced of the relevance of user tests, ask yourself the question, each time you start a testing process, why are you conducting them this time?


To validate / invalidate the relevance of a service before launching it on the market? To detect ergonomic problems? To reassure you on the future appreciation of the proposed modifications? To identify areas for improvement? To compare with other actors? With other versions of the same service? The answer to this question allows you to identify the best test method.(remote, quantitative, in the lab, guerrilla, …), the timing of implementation, the protocol and the course of the test itself. As we know, the simple fact of correctly posing the problem already guides 80% of the response. If you still have some doubts or if you wish to be supported to set up these user tests , possibly in a larger redesign project (which we are also able to manage), do not hesitate to contact us !

Where Each Direction Wanted To Take Leadership

This process can ideally be completely automated , but it requires a lot of upstream design work. The result is the generation of so-called “sales qualified” leads, which salespeople can contact “at the right time”. An inbound Marketing process takes place in 4 phases: Definition of “buyer personas” and their “buyer journey” Creation of content corresponding to the “buyer journey” Distribution of this content (newsletter, blog, social networks, paid ads) Marketing automation: automated lead nurturing It should be noted that unlike B2C,

where the opt-in is required, in B2B it is sufficient to offer an opt-out, in order to meet the obligations of the GDPR . Forward? With these few tips, you are able to think about launching a B2B online commerce project . It will be useful, as for other projects, to start with a strategy phase to define which approach to put in place, when and in how many stages. The implications can be significant for your organization, both financial and organizational. See not just a cost, but rather an opportunity to become more efficient and effective!

Over The Others By Trying To Impose A Vision

Provide customer support: help via chat, phone number. It is also necessary to envisage a frequent case of figure: the process of interrupted purchase . Whatever the reason, the potential customer must be able to easily find the basket that he has put together and that he has not yet purchased. ux-basket The ideal UX must be tested and validated As we have pointed out, it is more than recommended that you use tools and methodologies that allow you to put the user back at the center of the directions you take.

The test users will validate your choices from the design of a digital platform, they will also be very useful during the life of the existing challenger. Two categories of application are particularly useful: • heat maps, to see where your users click, • session replays, to put yourself in the shoes of the users. You have to stay humble and put yourself in a logic of continuous “test and learn” by analyzing the reactions and behaviors of your users when faced with your UX choices. Specialists can help you, do not hesitate to contact us .

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