Can you secretly start multi-tasking again? Tip 4. We, we, we Like charisma, the word “authentic” is interpreted in New Zealand Phone Number various ways. Tineke Pauw (Frankwatching) quotes Brené Brown in her article about being personal : “Vulnerability does not equal weakness, but courage. You are vulnerable if you do not New Zealand Phone Number know the outcome of what you do, and that is the very definition of courage.” When coaching a mayor recently, I noticed that the speeches were only about the person.

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Not the challenge itself and how New Zealand Phone Number the residents could play a role in it. If you want to sound authentic, you have to speak a little sloppy – Psycholinguist Mirjam Ernestus With exceptions like Martin Luther King New Zealand Phone Number and Steve Jobs, monologues are real charisma killers, especially in a virtual setting. Constantly seeking out the connection with and showing that you also listen to the audience is extremely important to continue to involve people and to ensure a charismatic appearance.

New Zealand Phone Number

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You can do this on the one hand by telling a story full of passion and certainty. But on the other by really focusing on the different possibilities for interaction. According to research , surprises are the best way to do this. Physical interaction goes beyond exaggerated “yes nodding” when others are speaking and constantly putting on the Prodent smile . Really work on the personal “touch” of your story, with things like personal anecdotes or emotionally charged facts. Which not only automatically make for a more charismatic look, but also a much better reception with the audience.

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