Your messages will land with the target audience you want when to use multiple twitter accounts from your brand’s point of view. Can you answer yes to any of these questions? Have you written a tweet where you wished you could target a more specific audience? Has managing customer service inquiries taken up the bulk of your time on twitter? Do you have multiple locations or offices in different states. Regions or countries? Do you have a mascot that has its own fan base? Do you have multiple products or service categories that are directed to different audiences? If you answered yes to any of the above. Then you might be in the market for another twitter account. Higher education colleges and other higher education institutions have many different audiences that they need to talk to.

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Multiple accounts help narrow down the focus and invite Marketing Directors Email Lists followers to pick and choose which interests to follow along with. The content and goals of an admissions department will be vastly different from the goals of the football team. The same goes for the differing audiences for department news. Alumni communication and grad schools. marquette university manages 44 twitter accounts with sprout social. The main marquette account sifts through what is most important to share from the other accounts while they continue to post more specific content for their audience. Multiple product & service lines do your different products and service lines serve significantly different audiences? If yes. Then it’s time to create a new twitter account. Adidas created accounts for each of the sports that they participate in.

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The main account focuses on their brand messaging. Storytelling and major partnerships while separate sports ones focus solely on that sport. If there was not an adidas wrestling account. Then wrestling would be only a small focus of the main account. With this separation. Adidas wrestling is able to talk about wrestling all the time and build up their community with a focus. Customer service focus according to the sprout index™ xvi: above & beyond. Of the reasons social media users reach out to brands on social. 37% are focused on customer service issues. While 59% will reach out with praise after a great experience. And 23% for social connection or alignment with the brand’s belief. Index chart – why people reach out to brands on social this speaks to the balance of demands placed on a social media team to respond quickly to all types of messages.

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