If the explanation of the process hasn’t put a candidate off yet, you know that motivation is high. ThoughtWorks Careers Page A careers website, employee experiences, expressing the company culture and transparency about the Latvia Phone Number employer brand in these examples. 2. Pay attention to the applicant’s journey The applicant goes on a journey in the process of finding a new job, as it were. Just like with the customer journey Latvia Phone Number it is also important that the application process is right at your company at every contact moment.

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That starts with the basics: is the Latvia Phone Number text of the vacancy in the same style. As the button that got your potential applicant intereste. Is it clear how to apply? Is it easy to apply, for example can you really easily upload your resume Latvia Phone Number and motivation letter? Also not unimportant: can all this also be done on a smartphone? Mobile first also applies to applicants. Every part of the application process should Latvia Phone Number be easy and clear. This increases the chance that you will captivate and commit to a suitable IT person during the process. 3. Look beyond job sites.

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Of course, many IT professionals Latvia Phone Number looking for work turn to job websites. But your target audience is much larger than just this group of job seekers. Not everyone who is suitable to work for you is actively looking for another job, while he or she may be ready for a new challenge. To ensure that all people you find interesting see your Latvia Phone Number vacancies, it is good to also use (online) advertising campaigns, content marketing or, for example, email marketing. For exampl you can ensure that your vacancy is easily found in Google Latvia Phone Number by advertising on certain keywords or by placing SEO-optimize texts on your website.

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