Discover the fascinating universe of nfts, their benefits for art, the risks, and the dilemma of environmental. Impact nfts have taken the creative world by storm in recent weeks, along with a lot of doubt about it. To understand the importance of this technology, we must first put some information into context. In february of this year, the nyan cat meme sold for 600,000. On march 1, visual artist and musician grimes sold some of his videos for 6 million. And on march 11, a single jpeg file was sold for 69 million. The creator of this jpeg, the digital artist mike winkelmann, better known as beeple, in addition to all the fame and attention he has received in recent weeks, has become the owner of the third most expensive work of art sold by an artist live.


But what does all this mean in practice?

And what do these works have in common they e-commerce photo editing do not exist in the physical world and have gained ground in the mainstream . Nyan cat, sold for 600 thousand dollars. What is an nft and what does it have to do with it explaining in a simplified way, an nft nonfungible token is a technology that allows the creation of a unique signature, a digital certificate that ensures the authenticity of something.

It can be an image file, a song, a tweet, a text posted on a website, physical items, and various other digital formats. Luiz octávio, ceo and founder of dux cripto, works with the development of nfts and explains that the technology is a form of decentralized certification, which is why it is so important.

e-commerce photo editing

What are the risks of this technology?

In turn, in conversation with domestika, the BLB Directory also brazilian bianca pattoli, who lives in london and is the founder of menta land, a creative studio for nft projects that makes tangible artistic works or marketing actions in the blockchain universe , points out “ an nft is the equivalent of the deed you receive when you buy a property. The deed contains all the information of this property how many rooms, footage, garage, etc.. You only own the property if you have the deed.

Since the deed does not have the property itself, not even a photo of it, you only have a detailed description of what you have purchased. What are nfts and how are they transforming digital art 3 beeple collage, everydays the first 5000 days, sold for 69 million. An nft is highly secure and cannot be duplicated, for this reason it is possible to know which is the original copy of digital art, for example.

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