Besides the fact that web copywriter and copywriter both write on the internet, their jobs are quite different. Yet, it is not uncommon to see these terms used as synonyms. If their skills are complementary, the objectives are not the Denmark WhatsApp Number List and real differences separate a web editor from a copywriter … WHAT IS A WEB EDITOR? Let’s start at the beginning: the definition of these two professions . This will then help us to see more clearly about their distinctions.

Trainer training THE WEB EDITOR IS AN ARTISAN OF CONTENT MARKETING The web copywriter is an expert in content marketing with a strong general knowledge . He has a sharp pen , with of course the mastery of the French language that goes with it. He is also endowed with a good knowledge of marketing and SEO (natural referencing on search engines).


The Web Editor Is An Artisan Of Content Marketing

It is these complementary and essential skills that help him to address a specific target in his writing style, and to reference his content on search engines. But contrary to popular belief that was confirmed a few years ago, the content, in particular the articles written by the web editor, does not have the main objective of being referenced by Google. NO, THE WEB EDITOR DOES NOT WRITE JUST FOR SEO SEO and its keywords is a priority, but it is no longer the priority: the main objective of web writing (sometimes also called SEO writing) is to bring value to a specific audience , in order to gain its trust for a brand, and convert visitors into medium-term customers.

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In short, the priority of writing web content is above all to produce quality content. The creation of written content on the internet responds to specific business challenges: increasing the notoriety of a brand, increasing its visibility on the web, improving its reputation , strengthening its image … all to generate qualified leads and acquire customers at through inbound marketing . BRINGING VALUE RATHER THAN TRYING TO SELL, THIS IS THE GOAL OF WEB WRITING The web editor therefore does not aim to sell directly in his content , except perhaps in CTAs (calls to action) intelligently arranged in the article.


Bringing Value Rather Than Trying To Sell, This Is The Goal Of Web Writing

He writes to create value, answer the questions of a target audience and sincerely help real humans: writing hollow, bland and over-optimized SEO texts is therefore of no interest. Keyword stuffing is thus penalized by search engines. This is also the main difference from the copywriter, who writes mainly to persuade, push to action and encourage the act of buying. A web copywriter writes articles, newsletters or white papers, while a copywriter writes landing pages, sales emails or advertisements. WHAT IS A COPYWRITER? The copywriter is a more recent profession than the web editor.

Well, under that term, at least… because the copywriter used to be called copywriter. He mainly operated as a marketing and communication agency. Its goal ? Find the right words for effective advertising . COPYWRITER IS A HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER WORD MAGICIAN FOR HIS ABILITY TO SELL Today, the rating of copywriters is skyrocketing and the profession is starting to gain recognition from the general public, even if some people still confuse copywriting and copyrighting when it has absolutely no relation, if not pronunciation! The copywriter helps brands attract their customers .

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