To sum up in 3 questions Why is SEO optimization important? SEO isn’t just about search engines. My SEO best practices also improve the user experience and the usability of your website. People trust search engines, and being in the top Sao Tome and Principe Email List for the keywords they search for increases trust in your company. Why is the sitemap file important in SEO? The Sitemap lists the pages of your website. Thus, you make it easier for search engines to find and explore your content.

The Sitemap also helps in understanding the structure of your website which makes it easier to navigate your website. Why is Google Analytics important for SEO? Google Analytics is really useful for search engine optimization or SEO. It helps you understand the user experience when on your website. With Google Analytics, you make the necessary changes to your website so that it can improve its ranking in Google and other search engines.


The Beginnings Of Selling And Handling

For example, associate an image of a T-shirt with a certain design and a query like “socks with the same design”. This at the present time is proving rather tedious to research. It is therefore a whole new way of searching for precise and complex information with a considerable saving of time and a much more relevant result than what we have known until now. We can also easily imagine that in the future the algorithm will be able to understand information coming from audio or video sources .


Elimination of language barriers with the multilingual tool Another mission of Google MUM is to break down language barriers. Indeed, the algorithm includes 75 different languages ​​and transfers knowledge regardless of the language used. Searches are therefore no longer limited to the language in which the request is made. This opens up access to a multitude of information, previously much less accessible.


Sale And Handling: How To Handle? How To Sell?

For example, by typing a French search on Google, you are no longer limited only to the French-speaking information available. The search engine gives you access to the information available whatever the language, English, Japanese, Arabic… and this, without you having to master it. It is therefore an important and rather unprecedented opening in the sharing of knowledge that this new functionality offers us.

On the same subject : 6 SEO practices to ban immediately 2 concrete examples illustrating the power of the MUM algorithm 2 concrete examples with Google’s MUM algorithm To illustrate the new features of the search engine, the company Google gives several examples . That of a hiker who has previously been to Mount Adams and is planning a similar exploration on Mount Fuji in the fall, and who wonders what differences in preparations to expect. Currently, that user would have to do a lot of time-consuming research to find answers to these questions.

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