Audrey: Thanks Lisa for the advice on voice search. I would like to add that to fully understand this new practice, spend time doing vocal research. This is the best way to understand the way in which Internet users express their requests. Conclusion on the Gambia Email List and challenges of voice search Voice commands will impact our lives more and more. Voice search still has a bright future ahead of it. Better yet, it is certainly the future that is emerging more and more.

Indeed, more and more people are dependent on this technology and are accustomed to using it. If the majority use remains to type its requests on computer, it is obvious that the voice commands are in full evolution. It’s a safe bet that in the years to come, using a computer by voice will be much easier and more natural than today. It is therefore likely that voice searches will make a significant leap! By following the advice in this article you can ensure that you are one step ahead of your opponents when it comes to voice search.


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Anyway, all these actions being intended to appear in the first 3 positions of the results pages, this will only strengthen your natural referencing even more. And at the risk of repeating myself, you are not fighting against Google, but against your competition, so always start with a competitive analysis . To sum up in 3 questions Indeed, by making links to trusted pages, the search engines will understand that you are also a reliable resource. However, in order to avoid diverting too much traffic from your website, limit the number of outbound links to 1 per article. 6. Optimize your blog post images Optimize your blog post images Just like the text, images and visuals included in your blog posts also impact your SEO.


Here are some tips to make sure your old content images are SEO-friendly: Optimize the Alt attribute of images so that Google better understands what they represent, Reduce the size of your images so that they don’t interfere with page load time. We usually recommend aiming for an image size of between 100 and 150 KB. If you need help, check out our complete guide to optimizing images in WordPress. If you are using another CMS the tips are the same, only the way to do it can change.


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The choice of keywords used To make a good meta description, it is also important to choose the words used. To do this, base yourself on the search intentions of Internet users. Keep in mind that every internet user is looking for results that meet their query. Even though Google claims that it does not use keywords in the meta description for ranking purposes, it is important to incorporate the keywords your target uses into your meta descriptions. Moreover, Google puts in bold the words of the meta description which correspond to the request of the Net surfer.

Of course, keyword stuffing is to be banned ! Aside from that, if you want to drive significant traffic to your website, you also need to have a unique meta description for each of the pages on your site. Adopting a unique meta description For best results, avoid overly general meta descriptions and overly commercial speech at all costs. Better to use a unique meta description that is clear, concise, clean and well spelled. Likewise, give a specific marketing argument. The goal is to capture the attention of the Internet user and gain their trust, while standing out from the competition.

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