What future for content marketing in 2020 and beyond? There has been a series of studies on content marketing recently, and the last one arriving on my Eritrea Email List a few days ago, I felt there was an urgent need to write a commentary on this topic. In fact, Visionary Marketing predicted good days to come for content marketing for almost 7 years, a time that is suitable for reflection .

It will be improved over time, both in substance and in form, in order to constitute a living corpus. on the subject, which we cannot say enough that it deserves to be better covered in classrooms. , where we focus sadly on the tools taken at face value, without worrying too much about why we use them.

Journalists Replaced By Robots At Microsoft

The news fell yesterday on my Whastapp thread, relayed by our friend and partner Xavier de Mazenod from Zevillage . “Microsoft ‘fires’ its journalists to replace them with robots” tells us in a sensationalist news The Guardian of May 30, 2020.

Eritrea Email List

He continued: “About 27 people employed by PA Media – formerly the Press Association – were told on Thursday that they would lose their jobs in a month, once Microsoft stops employing humans to select, publish and manage. the information articles on its pages ”.

There Is Content And Content

I was interviewed a few years ago to give my opinion on the quality of machine translators. Until six or seven years ago, these tools were very crude and completely incapable of translating text correctly into major languages. This is no longer the case (for these main languages) and translation tools have reached a state of banality unthinkable so recently. Nevertheless, and paradoxically.

While in 1985 I was looking for information about becoming a professional translator, professionals in the sector were already advising me against it because, they said, “there is no margin in this profession”. However, today, in 2020, we find ourselves translating and adapting texts as there is a need to add human logic to a text already translated by a machine (or worse, a bad translator). Ultimately, there will be two kinds of content in the future. On the one hand, automated content, mainly in the world of consumer marketing, standardized and relatively shallow, and on the other hand, high value-added content, increasingly long (we will see why later) with a strong personal and emotional dose.

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